“Being part of a U. S. Steel community that stands in solidarity with and raises awareness for LGBTQ+ people everywhere is what pride is all about.” - Maddie Stinson, Shift Manager of Chemicals & Energy at Mon Valley Works Clairton Plant, and SteelPRIDE Pittsburgh Site Lead

U. S. Steel promotes a Culture of Caring. One way we do so is through our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Throughout 2023, our eight ERGs enhanced employee engagement with events focused on education, leadership development, mentorship and networking opportunities for members. Our ERGs have also been successful in creating internal and external connections, including through charitable outreach. Last year, our ERG membership increased by 6%, creating a Culture of Caring and belonging and providing opportunities for growth, and for attracting, developing, and retaining employees from all walks of life. It involves maintaining an environment in which employees feel valued and heard, and in which we strive for diversity, equity — racial, gender, LGBTQ+ and economic — and inclusion across all levels of the organization.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

LEAD (Leveraging and Enhancing All Diversity)

Promoting an inclusive environment that embraces the vision, furthers our values and aligns with the DE&I strategy of U. S. Steel by leveraging the mix of diverse thought, personal background and professional education to enhance employee engagement and positively impact business goals.

WIN (Women’s Inclusion Network)

Cultivating an inclusive environment that enables women and their allies to maximize their professional success at U. S. Steel through networking, education, recruitment, leadership opportunities and community involvement.

SERVE (Strengthening and Enhancing Relationships of Veteran Employees)

Honoring and supporting all employees, current and prospective, who are veterans of our nation’s military or remain active in the National Guard or Reserves.

NextGen Steel

Building a stronger future for U. S. Steel by empowering the next generation of U. S. Steel leaders through business and community involvement, on-boarding support and upskilling opportunities.


Fostering an environment that supports employees with disabilities and their caregivers in bringing 100% of themselves to work by advocating for and empowering the individual, increasing awareness and understanding of disability-related issues and promoting inclusion, trust and respect throughout the organization and in our communities.


Bringing together and ensuring dignity, respect and inclusivity for members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community, along with their allies, in a positive and respectful environment where they can express their identity, share knowledge and cultivate an environment of trust and open, honest communication.


Supporting working parents and caregivers at U. S. Steel by providing resources, access and opportunities to strengthen social networks within the community.


Creating a brighter future for U. S. Steel and our stakeholders by engaging employees on sustainability issues, turning ideas into action to support U. S. Steel’s sustainability strategy and giving back to our local communities through meaningful community service and outreach.


The ERGs at USSK include the Women Inclusion Network, and the sustainability focused NextGen Steel ERG. In 2023, employees in the NextGen ERG partnered with Faculty of Materials, Metallurgy and Recycling at the Technical University of Košice to develop a course designed to teach second-grade students about the process of recycling mobile phones. The course included a visit to a laboratory at which students disassembled mobile phones and conducted various experiments on the components intended to illustrate recycling and science concepts.

Listening + Recognition = Feeling Valued

Our Best for All® strategy is focused on delivering profitable steel solutions that are best for people and the planet. A critical element of that strategy is fostering an environment that works for all employees. The voices of our employees matter, and we launched Your Voice: One U. S. Steel survey. About 5,500 employees from across our company participated. Checking in on our team members in this way provides an opportunity to listen to their feedback to better understand their needs. The survey included questions specific to diversity and inclusion to help us understand whether employees feel they belong, feel respected and feel they are valued for their unique contribution. Here are some of the survey results:

Survey Findings

1. Employees are proud to work for U. S. Steel and see themselves working here in two years’ time
2. Highest favorability scores:
  • Safety & Health — employees embody a day-to-day commitment to safety and feel comfortable raising safety concerns
  • Alignment & Involvement — employees know what is needed to be successful in their role and how their work contributes to company goals
  • Work & Life Blend — employees are able to take time away from work as needed and are generally supported in flexible work arrangements
3. Areas for improvement that we continue actioning on:
  • Leadership Communication
  • Career Growth and Development

Our 2023 voluntary attrition rate was only 3.5%, which was consistent with our 2022 rate of 3.7%, 2021 rate of 3.8%, and significantly lower than the manufacturing industry’s rate of 23%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

To learn more about our approach to employee engagement around belonging, read our recent DE&I report here.

Attracting More Diverse Talent: Veteran Spotlight

Listening + Recognition

In 2023, U. S. Steel continued transformation of its Talent Acquisition and Recruiting processes. In 2022, we posted open positions on more than 6,000 diversity-related websites and searched for diverse hiring events to attend and host outreach sessions. The results far surpassed our expectations.
Our Hiring Heroes Talent Community continues to support our veterans with a Military Occupation Services Code translator on our career website, and a multi-employer Veteran Talent Exchange to support our active and former military applicants and their spouses more fully. We sponsor Veterans at Acrisure Stadium as part of our larger partnership with the Pittsburgh Steelers, called “Salute Our Heroes.”

CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion

Co-founded in 2017, a CEO coalition promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion through open dialogue, unconscious-bias training, and shared best practices. U. S. Steel's CEO pledges support, and the company participates in CEO Action for Racial Equity, dedicating Fellows to advance public policies addressing systemic racism and social injustice.


The Valuable 500

Our continued involvement with The Valuable 500 business collective ensures disability inclusion is at the forefront of our senior leadership agenda, along with ongoing efforts to take meaningful actions and find solutions to be more inclusive of people with disabilities

DE&I Story: Devin Brown, Coated Products Utility Operator at BR1

In 2022, BR1 launched the Steel Tech Academy at Arkansas Northeastern College, recruiting local high school seniors for a two-year paid internship program. Students gain hands-on steelmaking experience under BR1 supervision. Expanded in 2023 to include juniors, the program successfully hired graduates, including Devin Brown, who praises its career-building opportunities.