Environmental stewardship is a core value at U. S. Steel, stemming from the Gary Principles created in the early 1900s and continuing today in our S.T.E.E.L. Principles.

As a company, U. S. Steel lives its core value of environmental stewardship through three basic principles that all employees are responsible for following.

Those principles are:

  • Compliance with environmental laws and regulations;
  • Continuous improvement in environmental and resource management; and
  • Continued reduction of emissions through innovation.


U. S. Steel’s environmental management policy is founded upon:

  • A strong commitment to compliance with all environmental laws, regulations and other applicable environmental requirements.
  • Establishing and maintaining documented environmental programs that adhere to environmental laws and regulations and, where economically feasible, more stringent voluntary standards utilizing technological options that satisfy financial, operational and business requirements.
  • Conducting operations in an environmentally sound manner, recognizing that accountability and responsibility for environmental management extends from the individual employee through all levels of the organization.
  • Communicating to employees the importance of U. S. Steel’s Environmental Management Policy and the significant environmental concerns with potential hazards and impacts of their work. Training, open dialogues, newsletters and other means are typically used.
  • Participation with government authorities in the development of technically sound and financially responsible environmental laws, rules and regulations.


U. S. Steel’s approach to environmental stewardship is built upon the foundation of compliance with all local, state and federal environmental laws. Across our corporation, we meet thousands of compliance requirements each year and are committed to continuously improving our environmental compliance.

Our framework for environmental compliance is structured around International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001. ISO 14001 standards provide a framework for achieving more consistent and reliable environmental management and are an indicator of a company’s desire and commitment to foster environmental protection. Today, many of U. S. Steel’s major facilities have achieved and maintain ISO 14001 certification, as shown here.

Our commitment to environmental performance and compliance begins at the top, with regular oversight by our Board of Directors and senior leadership.

We also prepare for and have procedures to respond to environmental emergencies at all U. S. Steel facilities. In addition, all release incidents are investigated by plant management.