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U. S. Steel Together

By any measure, 2020 has been a tough year. The only thing tougher than the circumstances we faced is the resolve of our U. S. Steel employees who rallied together to protect and lives and livelihoods of our company, our customers, and our communities during these challenging times.

Length: 1:31

U. S. Steel STEM | Pittsburgh Steelers

Tenacity. Teamwork. Pride in community and the desire to give back. U. S. Steel and the Pittsburgh Steelers share many of the same values. We’re excited to continue our partnership and look forward to delivering another year of STEM programs to students in the Pittsburgh region.

Length: :30

The Future Starts Now

See how our strategy to combine the Best of BothSM integrated and mini-mill steelmaking is creating a more sustainable future for our customers, our company, and our communities.

Length: 1:00

U. S. Steel and Big River Steel Celebrate One Year of Partnership

One year ago, U. S. Steel took a big and important step toward our Best of BothSM future. A future where the Best of BothSM integrated and mini-mill technology and talent deliver the high-quality, value-added, innovative and sustainable steel solutions our customers need to make their customers’ lives safer, easier and better.

Length: 4:15

Transforming the Future

Watch our President and CEO Dave Burritt explain how we’re changing our portfolio of steelmaking technologies, creating new steels that are best for our customers and best for our planet.

Length: 3:38

Introducing Our New Sustainable Steel Line: verdeXTM Steel

U. S. Steel is now capable of producing some of the most advanced high strength steels with only a quarter of the carbon dioxide emissions previously required. See our new sustainable steel product line, verdeXTM Steel here.

Length: 1:15

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Iron Ore

Finished iron ore pellets, are pictured at the Minnesota Ore Operations. The pellets are sent to U. S. Steel’s facilities to be used for steelmaking.

Electric Arc Furnace

Electric arc furnace #1 at U. S. Steel’s Fairfield Works.

Steel Slabs

A slab of steel moves through the hot strip mill. Slabs start this process several inches thick and are rolled into sheet steel that is fractions of an inch thick.

Finished Steel Coils

Finished coils at our Irvin Plant, part of the Mon Valley Works.

Liquid Iron

A ladle of molten iron is poured into a Basic Oxygen Process (BOP) furnace at U. S. Steel's Granite City Works, where it will be transformed into liquid steel.

Plant Employees

Employees working at a U. S. Steel blast furnace.