Eagle Cam

Mon Valley Works Irvin Plant Eagle Cam - Nest View

Watch Irvin Plant’s resident bald eagles “Irvin and Claire” via live camera. The birds have called the property in West Mifflin, Pa. home for three years, and we’re excited to share their activity with you. This cam views the nest cup.

Length: Live

Mon Valley Works Irvin Plant Eagle Cam - River View

Watch Irvin Plant’s resident bald eagles “Irvin and Claire” via live camera. The birds have called the property in West Mifflin, Pa. home for three years, and we’re excited to share their activity with you. This cam views the nest with the Monongahela river in the background.

Length: Live

Mon Valley Works Irvin Plant Eagle Cam - Flight Area

Watch Irvin Plant’s resident bald eagles “Irvin and Claire” via live camera. The birds have called the property in West Mifflin, Pa. home for three years, and we’re excited to share their activity with you. This cam views the back of the nest area.

Length: Live

Video Library

Steel Stories Shorts - Jeff Henry, Metal Construction Association

Our 'Steel Stories Shorts' series continues with Jeff Henry, MBA, executive director of the Metal Construction Association, who stopped by for a quick chat with #USSteel’s Robert Kopf at the International Roofing Exposition in Las Vegas last week. Jeff shares his perspectives on trends in the metal construction industry, including the growth of metal roofing in both residential and commercial sectors, sustainability efforts making an impact, and skilled labor needed for the industry's growth.

Length: 00:11:05

Steel Stories Shorts - Renee Ramey, Metal Roofing Alliance

We're at the International Roofing Expo (IRE) and kicking off our new video series, Steel Stories Shorts. Host Marcos Corradin welcomes Renee Ramey, Executive Director of the Metal Roofing Alliance for an insightful discussion on the state of the metal roofing industry.

Length: 00:11:49

Steel Stories Shorts - Monte Paschal, Alliance Metal Products

Here's a must-listen for anyone in the steel sector looking for strategies to navigate the future. In this episode of 'Steel Stories Shorts' from the International Roofing Expo (IRE), Monte Paschal, Vice President of Supply Management at Alliance Metal Products joined Rob Kopf, #USSteel Vice President of Sales and Marketing, to share how his company is bridging the gap between mills and end-users, emphasizing a just-in-time delivery model that significantly benefits small and medium-sized enterprises that can provide a competitive edge in 2024.

Length: 00:11:11

From Crisis to Recovery: A Federal Reserve Insider's Perspective with Dave Burritt and Jim Bullard

In a special edition of the Steel Stories podcast, U. S. Steel President & CEO Dave Burritt chats about the economy and monetary policy with former St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank president, Jim Bullard.

Length: 00:32:18

Event replay: Battery-powered locomotive unveiling at U. S. Steel's Mon Valley Works

Watch a full replay of the Oct. 30, 2023, event unveiling the first of two battery-powered locomotives at U. S. Steel's Mon Valley Works - Clairton Plant near Pittsburgh.

Length: 00:31:30

Mon Valley Works adds battery-powered locomotives to fleet

U. S. Steel converted two of its diesel switcher locomotives at Mon Valley Works’ Edgar Thomson and Clairton Plants to state-of-the-art battery-operated locomotives. Mon Valley Works is the first industrial site to deploy technology developed by Innovative Rail Technologies (IRT), a provider of customized lithium-ion propulsion solutions to the locomotive rail market that reduces small particulate matter emissions. U. S. Steel's investment marks a significant step in the company's ongoing commitment to sustainability, environmental excellence, and the communities it serves.

Length: 00:01:21

Steel’s Essential Nature on Display at the Home of NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies

Steel is truly everywhere – on our roads, in our homes, at our grocery stores, and everywhere in between. And now, the story of steel’s essential role in our daily lives is told in a beautiful new mural displayed outside the FedEx Forum, home of the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies.

Length: 00:04:38

U. S. Steel Keetac DR-grade pellet capabilities investment: October 2023 project update

See the latest construction milestone on our investment to add DR-grade pellet capabilities at our Minnesota Ore Operations Keetac facility. We have now completed the placement of equipment inside the building, and the team has worked for more than one year with zero lost-time injuries!

Length: 00:00:56

COASTALUME™ steel roofing engineered and warrantied for coastal environments.

The new COASTALUME™ product combines U. S. Steel’s GALVALUME®* solution with DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF film to create a revolutionary, maintenance-free, and highly sustainable roofing solution that offers a level of durability and reliability needed in residential and commercial construction along the coast.

Length: 00:01:01

My U. S. Steel Experience

My U. S. Steel Experience - Chirag

For Chirag Mahimkar, a Quality and Product Development Manager at U. S. Steel’s Big River Steel facility, building strong relationships is not just about collaborating with customers; it is also about being part of a team. Chirag feels privileged to work at a company that makes environmental stewardship, accountability, and teamwork priorities and alongside experienced mentors and highly skilled operators from whom he regularly learns new things as they focus on achieving common goals. Learn more about Chirag in this continuing video series.

Length: 00:01:44

My U. S. Steel Experience - Justin

Opportunities take many forms at U. S. Steel – just ask Justin Calderone, a Shift Manager at our Mon Valley Works - Irvin Plant near Pittsburgh, PA. In his nearly 12 years with us, Justin’s opportunities have come in the form of job advancement, family-sustaining wages and benefits, and a donation from the company to his family’s foundation in recognition of his outstanding community service. Hear from Justin about his career journey and why the company’s support for volunteerism means so much to him in this continuing series.

Length: 00:01:42

My U. S. Steel Experience - Erika

Erika Chan, General Manager of Sustainability, discusses her transition from Silicon Valley to steel, our company's sustainability journey, and how our employees are central to creating a future that is truly Best for All(R).

Length: 00:01:32

My U. S. Steel Experience – Chad

Hear more from Chad, who is a Senior Area Manager at our Minnesota Ore Operations mining facility and a chapter lead for the plant's veterans employee resource group called SERVE. In this video, Chad talks about the role safety and environmental stewardship play in his daily responsibilities, and how the SERVE ERG is continuing a long company legacy of supporting our nation's active-duty and veteran service members.

Length: 00:01:27

My U. S. Steel Experience - Alana

Hear more from Alana, who is a member of U. S. Steel's Financial Planning & Analysis team and President of our NextGen Steel employee resource group, about her experience as part of the U. S. Steel team.

Length: 00:01:14

Image Library

Plant Employees

Employees working at the U. S. Steel Gary Works pig iron caster.

Liquid Iron

A ladle of molten iron is poured into a Basic Oxygen Process (BOP) furnace where it will be transformed into liquid steel.

Finished Steel Coils

Finished coils at our Irvin Plant, part of the Mon Valley Works.

Steel Slabs

A slab of steel moves through the hot strip mill. Slabs start this process several inches thick and are rolled into sheet steel that is fractions of an inch thick.

Electric Arc Furnace

An electric arc furnace at U. S. Steel Big River Steel Works.

Iron Ore

Finished iron ore pellets, are pictured at the Minnesota Ore Operations. The pellets are sent to U. S. Steel’s facilities to be used for steelmaking.