Integrated Mills and Mini Mills

U. S. Steel uses two different processes for making steel: integrated and mini mill. The integrated process relies on blast furnaces and basic oxygen furnaces while the mini mill process uses electric arc furnaces (EAFs). Each process uses different materials and energy sources, generating varying levels of GHG emissions.

U. S. Steel works hard to minimize the impacts of our steelmaking processes. Our company is developing capabilities to produce steel with lower GHG emissions that meets all the performance standards of our existing steel grades. Read more about our sustainable steels in our Inspiring Innovation section.

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How We Make Steel



At U. S. Steel, our mission of delivering profitable steel solutions for people and planet underlies everything we do. In 2023, supported by our Board of Directors (Board), we continued our work to fulfill this mission by executing our strategy to deliver the BEST for all our stakeholders.
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