Sustainability framework

Our sustainability strategy is leading the way in producing visionary solutions that benefit our customers and communities, our people and the planet.

Our strategic investments focus on lowering carbon emissions in our operations and creating advanced products that support electrification and a green economy. We continue to collaborate with our customers to create leading-edge solutions that will shape the future.

1. Inspire Innovation

U. S. Steel's culture of innovation inspires the development of profitable, sustainable solutions for our customers and drives positive outcomes for our stakeholders. These innovations drive material efficiency, energy management, and process and product advances.

2. Protect Our Planet

U. S. Steel strives to minimize our environmental footprint by implementing GHG reduction and air-quality goals, and meeting other environmental standards. We engage with our stakeholders throughout the year and report on our performance to relevant groups across our organization.

3. Empower People

U. S. Steel maximizes the potential of the people we impact, both internally and outside the organization, through employee benefits and development, and community outreach. Our focus on empowerment includes community engagement; corporate governance; diversity, equity and inclusion; safety and health; and relationships with unions and talent management.


At U. S. Steel, our mission of delivering profitable steel solutions for people and planet underlies everything we do. In 2023, supported by our Board of Directors (Board), we continued our work to fulfill this mission by executing our strategy to deliver the BEST for all our stakeholders.
Our culture is based on our S.T.E.E.L. Principles: Safety First; Trust and Respect; Environmental Stewardship; Excellence and Accountability; and Lawful and Ethical Conduct. We expect our employees and members of our Board to take personal responsibility to “do what’s right,” and our Code of Ethical Business Conduct serves as the foundation for the actions of our employees and directors. To further ensure that employees understand the Company’s expectations and all applicable rules, we provide annual ethics and compliance training to our employees and share communications about key compliance topics, including senior management messages underscoring the importance of doing business with integrity. In addition, through our annual policy certification process, employees of U. S. Steel Košice (USSK) in Košice, Slovakia, non-represented employees in the United States, and members of our Board certify their ongoing compliance with our Code of Ethical Business Conduct.