U. S. Steel’s Process Technology Section teams leverage their deep process know-how and advanced lab facilities to help customers develop the most effective and environmentally sustainable applications. Our experts also provide computational modeling, technical assistance and failure analysis to support U. S. Steel’s own research activities and operations across all areas of the business, from ironmaking to finishing.


Raw Materials and Ironmaking

U. S. Steel's Raw Materials and Ironmaking Team focuses its efforts on providing technical assistance regarding everything from ore processing to ironmaking, including the coal and cokemaking process, to provide expert guidance on optimum raw material and fuel selection and utilization. We help develop cost-effective byproduct recycling practices to minimize disposal costs, and we support plant efforts to increase process efficiency, improve energy intensity and reduce environmental impact.


Our Raw Materials and Ironmaking engineers and technicians also apply their process know-how, field experience and laboratory capabilities to help our facilities make continuous progress in their efforts to operate safely, cost effectively and in an environmentally conscious manner.

Steelmaking and Casting

Our Steelmaking and Casting Team identifies opportunities, evaluates technologies and assists in the selection and implementation of new processes. The team is closely involved in projects aimed at developing sophisticated models to control and enhance processes, achieve energy/mass balances at minimal cost, increase process capabilities with new technologies, and improve process consistency for product quality and higher efficiencies. The group is also heavily involved in developing plant-level operational improvements, often traveling to operating facilities to ensure that key improvements are implemented effectively.

Materials Technology and Modeling

The Materials Technology Team assists in the proper selection, design, repair and maintenance of all U. S. Steel equipment to achieve reliable and safe performance across company operations. This group focuses on metallic and refractory materials failure analyses, material qualifications, and specific application recommendations. The Modeling Team focuses on in-process computational modeling and engineering to support research activities in all ironmaking, steelmaking, casting, rolling and sheet finishing operations.


Process innovation is critical to customer and company success. Product innovation is equally important, because it drives development of the next generation of materials for products that make life safer and better.