What is Your Annual Tonnage to Convert to verdeX® Steel?


CO2 Emissions Impact

Estimated Annual CO2 Emissions Reduction in Tons

Annual CO2 Emissions Reduction %

Recycled Content Impact

Estimated Current Recycled Content in Tons

Estimated verdeX Recycled Content in Tons

Estimated % of Recycled Content per Total Tons

Percentage Increase in Recycled Content per Total Tons

  • Disclaimers :
  • This calculator intends to estimate potential average environmental impacts of a conversion to verdeX® steel product.
  • Potential CO2 reduction and recycled content increase are based on integrated operations versus electric arc furnace operations.
  • The emissions intensity of USS integrated operations utilized in the calculations is based on North American operations and does not include emissions from our iron ore mining operations.
  • The CO2 emission and recycled content calculations assume converting current U. S. Steel product to new verdeX® steel.
  • Not all U. S. Steel product has an equivalent verdeX® steel product, and verdeX® steel has limited capacity. Contact U. S. Steel for confirmation.
  • The recycled content calculation includes internally generated scrap that has undergone reprocessing, such as through cutting, crushing, or lancing
  • Scope 3 emissions are not included for either integrated operations or electric arc furnace operations.
  • Calculator results are estimates only. Contact U. S. Steel for more precise calculations.