U. S. Steel Provides Update On Clairton Plant Fire Investigation

As previously reported, a fire at U. S. Steel’s Clairton Plant resulted in significant damage to equipment and buildings, including units necessary for the safe and effective operation of the desulfurization process for coke oven gases.  As described in reports filed with the Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD), we have been substituting natural gas and flaring coke oven gas in an effort to mitigate any potential environmental impacts. 

Our investigation continues, but preliminary findings from outside experts engaged to investigate the fire and assess damage have revealed that the fire was likely caused by a mechanical failure.  Due to the significant structural damage of the buildings, safety is paramount as we complete the investigation.

We continue to work in coordination with the ACHD and are committed to providing updates on our progress. 

We are working around the clock to make the necessary repairs and to bring the facility back to normal operations.  We remain committed to employing measures only after it is determined that they are safe for our employees, contractors and the public.

PHOTO BELOW: Photo of the control room damage at U. S. Steel's Clairton Plant, taken Dec. 24, 2018.