U. S. Steel Announces Enhanced Benefits For Workforce

Industry-leading benefits package reflects culture of caring and inclusivity

PITTSBURGH, March 21, 2019 – United States Steel Corporation (NYSE: X) announced a number of new and enhanced benefits the company has made available to its non-represented employees to support the diverse and inclusive workforce at the company. All new benefits will be available in full by April 1, though most became available at the beginning of 2019. 

The new and enhanced benefits for the company’s non-represented workforce include:

  • Parental leave: Up to eight weeks paid time off for either parent following the birth of a child, the birth of a child of a domestic partner or the placement of a child for foster care or adoption.  For birth mothers, this new parental leave is in addition to the available short-term disability period of six or eight weeks depending on the type of delivery. 
  • Infertility coverage: Additional medical coverage for infertility treatments and medications. 
  • Dependent care flexible spending account (FSA) match: The company will match employee contributions up to 50 percent of the applicable IRS limit.
  • Bereavement leave has been extended for up to 15 days for immediate family.
  • Vacation purchase program allows employees to purchase a certain number of additional vacation days to be used within the calendar year.
  • Adoption assistance: The company will reimburse up to $4,000 for eligible expenses related to the adoption of a child. 
  • Domestic partner coverage: The allowance of eligible domestic partners and eligible children to receive coverage under U. S. Steel’s health and welfare programs. 
  • Healthcare continuation for work-related or military service fatalities: Healthcare continuation for surviving eligible family members of employees who are fatally injured at work or in the line of duty while on military leave. 
  • Gender reassignment procedure coverage: Additional medical coverage for treatments and medications associated with gender reassignment. 

“These benefits reflect our commitment to fostering a culture of caring at U. S. Steel, where every employee must feel supported,” said Barry Melnkovic, Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer.

Michelle Nasir, Chief Talent Officer said: “We are always looking for the best ways to support our employees and are proud of our recent benefit changes, which put us on par with some of the country’s best employers.”

Benefits for represented employees are determined based upon negotiated collective bargaining agreements.  An updated benefits package for represented employees was agreed upon as part of the collective bargaining process completed last year.