Domestic Vendors

Required Documentation (W-9)

All domestic (U.S.) vendors are required to provide a valid Form W-9 in order to do business with United States Steel Corporation. The W-9 is required regardless of whether or not the payment to the vendor is considered reportable on a Form 1099. The W-9 states the vendor’s organization type (corporation, partnership, LLC, etc.), address, taxpayer ID number and the correct name that corresponds to the taxpayer identification number. Form W-9 must be signed by an authorized representative of the vendor. The form, along with instructions, is found at the link below, or at


The completed W-9 should be mailed to the following address/location:
United States Steel Corporation
Accounts Payable
600 Grant Street  Room 1944B
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

* United States Steel Corporation has created this policy to comply with certain U.S. Treasury regulations. United States Steel Corporation, its subsidiaries, affiliates and employees do not provide tax advice, and any information contained herein is not intended or written to be used as such. All vendors should consult with their tax advisors regarding these matters.