United States Steel is committed to providing you with information about ongoing environmental activities at the Gary Works facility, including the RCRA Corrective Action program, which will be conducted by U. S. Steel and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA).

- Investigate releases of hazardous chemicals at or from Gary Works and determine if there is a threat to human health and the environment. This stage is called the RCRA Facility Investigation.

- Evaluate cleanup options to address releases that may pose a threat to people or the environment. This stage is called the Corrective Measures Study.

- Complete interim and final remedies to protect human health and the environment. Cleanup actions performed before USEPA selects a final remedy are called interim stabilization measures. After USEPA selects a final remedy, the corrective action program will enter the Corrective Measures Implementation phase. At this stage, U. S. Steel will construct the remedy chosen by USEPA.

U. S. Steel provides advance notification of any public meeting and submits monthly progress reports with information on the Corrective Action activities and maintains a Glossary of Terms defining commonly used terms related to the RCRA Corrective Action program.

U. S. Steel has also created an Information Repository where you can view USEPA approved documents related to the RCRA Corrective Action Program at Gary Works. The Repository is housed in the Anderson Library at Indiana University Northwest Campus in Gary, Indiana.

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