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U. S. Steel is a leading supplier of sheet products to a variety of building product manufacturers that serve the diverse construction industry. Our markets include metal building systems, roofing and siding components, doors, commercial and residential framing, truss plates and connectors, decking, bridge and highway products, culvert, central heating and air conditioning equipment, water heaters, retail shelving systems, and steel furniture.

The ENERGY STAR® and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ programs are at the forefront of the rapidly growing "green building" movement within the United States. Steel's recycled content, recyclability, strength and durability make it a leading option among sustainable construction materials, and U. S. Steel actively promotes the material's benefits by participating in associations and coalitions that focus on educating building decision makers.

At U. S. Steel, we believe in building long-term customer relationships. We regularly offer our customers informational materials such as coated sheet basics and technical bulletins to give them a better understanding of our products and the advancements in our industry. To request additional information, please contact us or call 1-412-433-1121, ext 2151

GALVALUME® is an internationally registered trademark of BIEC International Inc. and some of its licensed producers.


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