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United States Steel Corporation is dedicated to the automotive industry and is continuously researching and developing new grades and processes. Each automobile component is designed to unique conditions and criteria such as durability, crash energy management, appearance, formability, and cost. Steel has the best combination of engineering capability versus material cost. Steel is formable, weldable, strong and has state-of-the-art coating that will help resist corrosion. In addition, it is cost effective and has good surface appearance.

The U. S. Steel Automotive Center gives us the ability to perform research using state-of-the-art equipment enabling automotive engineers to evaluate any potential application whether it be questions on weight reduction, cost savings, formability, crash energy management or material availability.

We have gathered and organized information along with a comparison chart of mechanical properties pertaining to every steel available for use in automotive applications today. We have also created a list of our publications should there be a specific topic you would like to research.

U. S. Steel maintains a bank of various qualities and sizes for trial or sample purposes. Please see our product table for information on product availability and contact us if you are interested in obtaining a sample or running a trial with a certain material.

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