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People: The Real Power of Community Engagement

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Jul 25, 2022
How Do We Mitigate Ethical Risk?

 It seems every year a new corporate scandal rocks everyone from Wall Street to Main Street. For companies, the repercussions can be severe: enforcement actions, lawsuits, civil and/or criminal penalties, and reputational damage. While no organization is immune, is U. S. Steel at risk? A few years back, Harvard Business Review published an article written by Alison Taylor titled, “5...

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Jun 27, 2022
U. S. Steel, Norfolk Southern, and Greenbrier Collaborate on New, Sustainable High-Strength Steel Railcar

(The following article was extracted from the press release.)Three of America's leading industrial and transportation companies – U. S. Steel, Norfolk Southern Corporation and The Greenbrier Companies, Inc. – jointly announced a new, more sustainable steel gondola railcar. Using an innovative formula for high-strength, lighter-weight steel developed by U. S. Steel, each gondola’s unloaded...

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