Safety & Health

Attaining a sustainable,
zero-harm culture is our goal

At U. S. Steel, “Safety First” has always been more than just an expression. We created the phrase in the early 1900s, and since then it has remained U. S. Steel’s primary core value and top priority.

Today, we still believe that safe companies are successful and sustainable companies, and that belief drives our quest for world-class safety performance.

Executive leadership, safety professionals, line managers, employees and United Steelworkers representatives drive a determined, collaborative effort to ensure that all employees return home from our facilities in the same condition they arrived.

Our objective is to attain a sustainable zero-harm culture supported by leadership and owned by an engaged and highly skilled workforce, empowered with the capabilities and resources needed to assess, reduce and eliminate workplace risks and hazards. Our recent performance, illustrated in the data below, shows we are making significant progress.

We are working to foster a culture of caring, where every person in the organization accepts personal responsibility for their safety as well as that of their co-workers. We ask that our employees never walk by or pass up an opportunity to stop unsafe work or an action that puts themselves or others at risk, no matter who it is. In turn, we all must be open to and willing to accept direction from others if we find ourselves in an unsafe situation.

U. S. Steel understands that achieving excellence in safety is an ongoing quest. It is also part of doing business as a responsible corporate citizen, at home and around the world.



Global Days Away from Work Case Rate (new company record)


Global Days Away from Work Case Rate for two U. S. Steel business segments (Tubular and U. S. Steel Košice)


Percentage better than U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for Iron & Steel category (Global Days Away from Work Case Rate)


Percentage better than American Iron & Steel Institute (Global Days Away from Work Case Rate)

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Ethics and Safety line

Employees may contact the U. S. Steel Ethics and Safety Line to report safety concerns. The Ethics and Safety Line is administered by EthicsPoint, Inc., an independent company.



Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are all available for download in the
following categories: